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Dec 21, 2011 7:00am EST
friend from texas -- [inaudible] >> i want to follow up on the testimony, the line of questioning about interagency coordination. i know the sec initiated some actions back in the summer i believe to require this entity to put up additional, is that correct, mr. kirk? >> yes. just amplify that was initiated by the front-line supervisor of thinner and they cboe who identified asia and consulted with us. that resulted -- >> when did you first get concerned about this issue with this into the? >> this particular issue was raised by finra, and the cboe i think into june, july time frame after a number of conversations during that timeframe. >> and mr. berkovitz, when was kind of the first indication to the ctc there was a problem over at mf global? >> it was the weekend -- obviously, well, let me backup. the week of the 24th of october after the downgrade, the ratings downgrade, the earnings statements, we became concerned about the protection of customer accounts and customer funds. so we sent people on site. i believe it was the 27th of october. >> about 90 days later and was in the
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1